Apr. 25th, 2010

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Pick 20 movies/anime/video games/comic books/literary works/musicals/TV shows/etc. and put their summaries from Better Than It Sounds and WITHOUT CHEATING have your friends guess. (There is one show that is included twice, for multiple seasons. There is Anime, Western Animation, Live Action TV, and one book. :3)

1. A child genius takes online roleplaying way too seriously, so his peers take it upon themselves to kick his ass for it.

2.Bounty hunters in space barely make enough money to eat properly. The soundtrack is popular.

3. Children's card games are Serious Business. - Yu-Gi-Oh! ([livejournal.com profile] sorcererhuntres)

4. An overly dramatic honor student, a Perky Goth Genki Girl and a bored deity attempt to save the world by killing large quantities of the people living on it. Their sworn enemies include: a possibly autistic detective, a Teen Genius with action figure obsession and a chocolate-loving emo chick boy.

5. Children are sucked into the Internet and are assisted by advanced artificial intelligences while coming out of various states of denial. - Digimon Adventure ([livejournal.com profile] sorcererhuntres)

6. A heavily tattooed kung-fu Dalai Lama, his Eskimo pals, a blind Chinese loli of mass destruction and some animals that don't exist (but should) take on an army of arsonists who wear giant shoulderpads - Avatar the Last Airbender ([livejournal.com profile] sorcererhuntres)

7. Nerd gets superpowers while losing sanity. Eventually, insanity dilutes into everyone else, including the audience.

8. A short megalomaniac from a society where height determines rank tries to conquer/destroy the ultimate Crapsack World while being opposed by the ultimate Butt Monkey. Also involves pigs and monkeys. And doom. - Invader Zim ([livejournal.com profile] sorcererhuntres)

9. Mix And Match Critters, monsters, and various caricatures living in a whacked-up fantasy world cook, and have many insane adventures. It is also important to note that half of the inanimate objects, and most of the food they cook, are sentient.

10. Evil billionaire rebuilds family heirloom on top of New York City skyscraper, unleashes Noble Demon creatures that really don't like to get up in the morning.

11. A scientist with daddy issues goes on adventures with his idiot sons and his overzealous bodyguard while an army of men butterfly suits tries to kill him. Meanwhile, David Bowie commands a guild of villains (who's ranks include Buddy Holly, The Big Bopper, and Henry Kissinger).

12. Boys have messed-up adventures while having to deal with idiotic adults, pop culture parodies and weird sex acts. Features lots of swearing and snow.

13. A pizza delivery boy goes on a one-way trip to the future, where he meets and befriends a physically deformed orphan and an alcohol-fueled criminal. They all quit their jobs to work for the delivery boy's senile nephew. - Futurama ([livejournal.com profile] sorcererhuntres)

14. The Only Sane Employee in an alternate New York comes to the aid of every fantasy, sci-fi and/or horror legend you could imagine (and some you couldn't) while having sex with the spawn of Satan.

15. A widowed man tries to redeem a corrupt organization, but his father won't have it; meanwhile, his brother is breaking his heart and his sister is having marital problems. It's a comedy, with a heaping helping of Large Ham.

16. Three men and four hundred extras travel through space in their futuristic living room/model UN club, going where no man has gone before.

17. A soap opera wrapped in High School Musical- but it works.

18. A woman who is Married To The Job is forced to add a Cloudcuckoolander to the cast of her sketch comedy show due to Executive Meddling.

19. The best man in the kingdom is given the job of a lifetime. Halfway around the world, a young woman gets a pretty silver horse.

20. A pair of bitter war veterans, a prostitute, a mercenary with an ugly hat, a cute mechanic, a Hawaiian-shirt wearing pilot, a preacher with a Mysterious Past, a socially inept medical genius and the cutest little psychotic killing machine ever all get together on a ship. They Fight Crime!


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