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I know we don't talk as much as we should, but I have a question for you! Would it be musebox overload if I made one too?

Long story short, I really really like what [ profile] note_emmy does with hers, and I wanna torture (mostly) Seto with AUs.

So....yes/no/gtfo? If you answer with a prompt, I'll write you a crack!fic drabble!

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Date: 2010-08-15 12:52 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]

Also Kaiba/Cissnei- Either That Damned Cat! Or Farm animals. Your pick 8Db

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Date: 2010-08-18 07:38 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]

“Your new secretary is a bad hire, Kaiba,” Cissnei said as she walked into the office of Kaiba Corporation’s formidable CEO. “She insisted I needed an appointment to come in.” A foolish notion. She had been on Kaiba’s call for years, and could go in as she pleased. Everybody knew she would be the last person to interfere with an important meeting. She also had his schedule, a rare thing. As far as she knew, he had no scheduled meetings today, and she had just come back from an important meeting in Tokyo. She had a right to be there.

Unfortunately, Kaiba Seto was never predictable. As she came in, she saw him staring down some poor soul on the other side of his desk. Who had dared go against him? She almost felt a measure of pity for the doomed technician or marketing person that blazing stare was leveled at. That is…until she got a better look at who was sitting in that chair.

“Ifrit?” She murmured out of surprise. The cat didn’t seem to care, keeping his gaze on Kaiba even as those blue eyes bored into him. Cissnei quickly fell from surprised to exasperated. “Kaiba. Why is my cat in your office?”

“Quiet,” Kaiba snapped, staring down the cat. “I told Sayuri not to let anyone in.”

“Kaiba,” Cissnei tried again, petting Ifrit before walking over to stand by his shoulder. “Ifrit is a cat. You are having a meeting with-“

She was interrupted by a hand in her face. Kaiba seemed to be nodding at something. “It is agreed, then,” he murmured. Ifrit answered with a meow. Seemingly satisfied, he rose, leaving the incredibly confused ex-Turk behind. With an easy movement, the tall CEO pulled a small belt from his pocket, one adorned with a little silver KaibaCorp logo. It fit perfectly around the cat’s neck.

“You start tomorrow. I expect the sleeping to happen in your office, not in my coats. As was agreed,” Kaiba said coolly, before returning to Cissnei’s side. She just stared. Ifrit, by contrast, meowed again and hopped off the chair, walking out as confidently as any other new KaibaCorp hire.

Kaiba himself was smirking, even as he brushed against Cissnei’s side. “He works under you,” he said matter of factly, ignoring the woman’s confused stare. “With an office next to yours. But if I see any more hair on my coats, he’s out on his furry ass.” He turned his head slightly, looking her over. “And he approves. Though if he watches, he’s out on his furry ass again.”

Cissnei just stared. She stared more. Kaiba brushed against her again, before leaving the office completely. Only then did her brain start up again. A cat. A cat as her underling. A cat with it’s own office. Suddenly, it came upon her like a sudden summer thunderstorm.

Kaiba was genius.

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Date: 2010-08-19 02:12 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
...Oh my god. HE IS A GENUIS.

Also Ifrit already watches. They just never catch him.

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Date: 2010-08-15 03:34 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
FFFFFFFF you should be able to make one if you want to or not |D screw the rule you have a muse that used to have green hair.

But no really, do what you want :3

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Date: 2010-08-15 07:20 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I'd totally abuse it. (Which secretly means yes, go dew eet.)


Oh God someone hired Atem and his computer fail might somehow endanger K.C.

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Date: 2010-08-18 07:00 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I think I will. Also...

It had just been a miserable day. His wrists were raw and red from the ropes, there were rope fibers in his teeth, his body still ached and burned in turn, and now KaibaCorp seemed to be imploding in on itself. It was never a good day when Kaiba Seto didn’t come in to work.

“What the hell is going on here?! Do I run this whole company by myself?” he snarled once he got the the server monitoring floor. People paled and shrank in their cubicles, completely missing the fact that their CEO was completely flushed and sweating. When he spoke, it was broken by harsh coughing, yet no one seemed to be any less cowed. No mere flu could drop the young dragon. No…it would take something a bit more human to do that.

One lone (and brave) soul stood up, his eyes never rising to his employer’s. “It’s the man you asked to watch your office…sir,” the young technician said, completely missing the new fury that burned in the CEO’s blue eyes. “He just used your pass codes to turn the Duel Disk System satellites into self-diagnostic mode. They’ll…they’ll be down for a few hours.”

“I know that, you idiot,” Kaiba snapped, his tone dark and mind already elsewhere. He hadn’t asked anyone to watch his office. He hadn’t planned on being out of the office today at all! His hands ran absently over the marks on his wrist, the skin there rubbed raw from all the work it had taken to escape earlier. Then there was that fight he had been forced to have with his brother…and…

“Get back to work,” the CEO barked abruptly as he shoved past the frightened technician. He knew who had dared interfere in his office. If he had been thinking straight, he would have known right away. But it hardly mattered now, as he was already storming to the elevator and heading to the executive floor. Coughing fits and fever flushed skin didn’t seem to affect him at all, no matter how the secretaries stared as he passed them by. Mokuba and Atem quickly found out how strong his arm still was as the heavy door to the office swung hard against the wall.

“Who’s idea was this?” kaiba said, his tone low and dangerous, completely at odds with his worn out and flushed face. The two at his desk simply looked at each other.

“I told you that you should have used handcuffs,” Mokuba remarked, seemingly ignoring his brother completely. The shorter man next to him, hard to see behind the computer excepting his multi-colored hair, shrugged.

“I’ll have to remember it for later,” Atem said quietly, before looking up and frowning. “Seto, you’re supposed to be in bed.”

“My satellite’s supposed to still be working. Care to explain that?” The brunet snapped.

The question only got him a blank look. “…satellite?” Atem repeated.

Kaiba’s eyes narrowed. “Let me rephrase. What have you done, since you got here?”

“I turned on your computer!” Atem protested. “I thought I would help Mokuba, since you were sleeping..”

“And what buttons did you press to ‘turn on the computer’?”

“….these?” The ex-Pharaoh pointed them out. Mokuba, who had stayed silent in order to watch his brother, winced. He hadn’t been there at the time. The buttons weren’t even on the computer, but rather the conrol panel Kaiba had built into his desk. Judging by the twitching vein in his brother’s temple, Kaiba had noticed the same thing.

“Get out,” Kaiba hissed. “Before I tie you to a rocket and send you to fix it manually.” He practically hauled his desk chair away from the other, setting in it defiantly.

Atem straightened up, his eyes flashing. Anyone could tell they were preparing for an least until Mokuba seized his shoulder and hauled him out of the office. The automatic lock snapped closed behind them.

“Handcuffs,” Mokuba stressed again, trying to distract Atem before he stormed back in for a fruitless argument. “We’ll wait until he passes out, and then get him home again. But really….use the damn handcuffs.”


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