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Un, Joey, right there!” The brunet cried as he arched his back. His partner had a nice view of the cum shining on his pale skin.

“Aw yeah, Kaib’,” the blond man on top of him grunted, his Brooklyn-accented voice strong between his sexy panting. He smacked the tall brunet’s ass sharply as he buried his love stick deep inside his koi’s virgin hole. “I’m about to….nyeh….nyeh….nyeh..

“Oh god yes, Joey,” Kaiba Seto cried, his eyes closed and brimming with tears from the exquisite pleasure that was coursing through him. “Give it to me hard!”

NYEH!!!” The blond screamed as he came all at once. Hot thick fuck juice escaped everywhere, and Kaiba loved every minute of it. He came too, but all of it disappeared and was never heard from again when Joey decided to curl up next to his koi and snuggle. Things were just so-

“And so you see,” Kaiba interrupted from the stand, “this is the clearest case of damaging libel anyone could conceivably come up with. This sort of trash irreparably damages the reputation of myself as well as Kaiba Corporation. “

“We’re asking for the full two million dollars in compensation,” his lawyer added helpfully. The girl in the defendant’s chair just paled in response.

The wind whipped icily around Atem as he huddled at the base of KaibaCorp tower. This winter had been particularly cold but today seemed like it was twice as bad…or at least it seemed to him. Maybe it was just standing here waiting for Seto.

The thought of his name made the former Pharaoh grimace. Seto was always making things difficult. Atem was never quite certain why he continued to put up with him. His arrogance was grating and (most of the time) out of place. His social skill was still lacking. Almost every attempt at an outing failed miserably, unless they were dueling. Everything always had to be a competition with him, including this.

There was a slight movement at the top of the building. It could have been anything, but Atem’s heart seemed to leap to his throat in an instant. It must be a bird. It had to be a bird. But no, it was still falling and nothing was going to stop it and Atem was running forward but it was just so fast there was no way he could ever stop in time-

Jets kicked on with a low roar. They extended from a small pack on the falling man’s back, slowing him just moments before he would have ended up splattered face down on the pavement. The revealed brunet hit the ground easily, only sparing a quick glance at his functional jetpack before looking down at the rival who had been waiting. Atem could barely stand to look at him in his anger, but inevitably they both ended up staring each other down on that cold sidewalk.

“Hn,” Kaiba grunted as if it were a normal meeting. “I thought I had timed this better. You weren’t supposed to be here.”

“Maybe I shouldn’t be. Bearing witness to your last stupid mistake is more than you deserved,” Atem replied in a growl.

“Maybe. But you are still here. I don’t care what you could have done.”

Atem’s fist clenched at his side. “A normal man would buy rare cards, or perhaps go on the dueling circuit again one last time for a final moment of glory. A normal man would buy a car. Any of those things-“

“..but that all depends on the subject being a normal man,” Kaiba cut in sharply. As soon as Atem was left silently glaring at him, he stepped forward. A slight smirk pulled at his lips. “Normal men don’t have prototypes to test. Nor do they have any challenge worth your time. “ He inclined his head toward the jetpack. “You’ve been inserting yourself every time I’ve beaten my stepfather since I was a child. Don’t you plan on continuing that streak?”

Kaiba!” Atem growled, absolutely appalled by the idea. The brunet just smirked wider. “It’s bad enough that you did it once. I’m not going near it, and neither should you.”

“Are you a coward, Atem?” The brunet asked abruptly. “After all these years, is my rival unable to keep up with my footsteps?” Blue eyes narrowed as he took another step forward. Atem swallowed from the closeness, but Kaiba didn’t seem to notice. Instead he inclined his head so his lips were barely brushing the shorter man’s ear. “Don’t you trust me, Atem?”

“…I” Atem muttered as a shiver went down his spine. Every better sense in him screamed that this was a bad idea. Disappointing his rival, however, was just as repulsive. Finally he closed his eyes. “If I do this,” he said, “you are going to come home with me. You’re going to stay there all week. Is that understood?”

There was a momentary pause…then a sigh. “There is a device sized for you at the top. Don’t keep me waiting,” Kaiba replied icily before stepping away and turning back toward the building. The ends of his suit jacket flared just slightly, an echo of what his trenchcoat might have done.

Atem just smothered a smirk. This thing was going to kill him, sure. But he had just gotten a concession from the most stubborn man in the world. In this long running game, that meant everything.
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