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The massed body heat of the crushed in crowd of people standing outside Kaiba Corporation headquarters that afternoon was absolutely blissful. It was exactly what Atem had been looking for. He very quickly made his way right into the middle of the crowd and huddled in, relishing the heat that even his heavy black coat and thick red scarf couldn’t provide. Even better, thanks to his height, there was no spotting him there. The reporters were all at the front and everyone else was far too enthralled by the press event to notice the King of Games hiding among them. It was a perfect place to spy.

“-and Kaiba Corporation will guarantee that there will not be a single server problem on our end this holiday season,” Kaiba was saying, looking to already be finishing up his speech. As Atem watched, he decided it was probably for the best. The dark circles that often appeared on Kaiba’s fair skin over the busy holiday season had already made their appearance. Atem was sure there were worse symptoms hiding underneath the CEO’s heavy overcoat. His eyes narrowed as he watched Kaiba more intently.

“We are on track to have our best quarter ever,” Kaiba said confidently, “and the Duel Disk Mark IV is a strong part of it. Every projection we’ve made indicates strong sales, and the market’s analysis is in agreement. No one has anything to worry about regarding Kaiba Corporation meeting expectations. All you have to figure out is how far we’ll exceed them. No more questions.”

The CEO turned on his heel and walked back toward the front door of the skyscraper, completely ignoring the calls of the press and the crowd behind him. It only spurred them on, several of them trying to rush up to the door. Isono was already there along with a few of his men, keeping the crowd back as always. A few days ago, he had been positioned there to keep Atem out too. Now, however, with the press of the crowd closing in, Atem was far from the most important problem.

Keeping his head down and taking advantage of Isono’s distraction (he would apologize later), Atem slipped through the crowd and ducked through the closing door to KaibaCorp tower. After that, it was an easy thing to get up to the President’s office. Outside of the season, Atem was a common visitor. So common, in fact, that even with the standing orders that no one be allowed in, the secretaries were too nervous of possible consequences to keep him out. A brief smile and a shift of his hips took care of the few doubts there were.

The office was quiet, compared to the ruckus outside. It was also warm. Blissfully, wonderfully warm. Atem even dared to close his eyes just to savor the feeling. Being left vulnerable to the dragon whose den he had just invaded was worth it.

“I told you not to come here,” Kaiba growled, his attention immediately called to the intruder in his office. He stood behind his desk, arms crossed as he leveled a glare down at his rival. “I don’t have time for this.”

“I know,” Atem said absently, barely paying attention. He had heard all of this before. “I’m not leaving. It’s too cold out there.”

Blue eyes narrowed sharply. “That’s not my problem. Get out or I will throw you out.”

Atem just turned to look at him in response. He leveled a heated gaze at the taller man. “I’m not going anywhere. You don’t really look like you’re up to throwing anyone out, anyway. When is the last time you slept?”

The answer to Atem’s question was a growl and a few steps forward. Suddenly Atem found himself slammed up against the wall. The impact was hard enough to leave him breathless. “Get out,” Kaiba growled again as he forced the shorter man up further to make his threat clear.

It had the exact opposite effect. Atem just smirked and wrapped his hands around Kaiba’s shoulders before rolling his hips against Kaiba’s. The friction left them both gasping for breath. The forced holiday separation had been hard on them both. There was no way Kaiba could hide that now, and they both knew it. “Make me,” Atem taunted, adding the spark he was sure would light something.

He really didn’t need it. Kaiba was pushing into the other and claiming his lips just a fraction of a second afterword. They fell very quickly into their usual game of pushing and pushing back, of touching and biting and rubbing. Atem didn’t even notice that his shirt had come off until he was being braced on Kaiba’s hips. Belts came off with a snap. Marks were left, the most prominent ones resting on the side of Atem’s neck. They stung every time he moved his head.

“Seto,” Atem gasped, throwing back his head as Kaiba slipped a hand down his pants. This was no good. He would have to act quickly if he was going to finish his plan. “Can’t….keep up? I figured the…work would take a lot out of you…but not this much-“

“Be quiet!” Kaiba growled as he yanked those leather pants down and immediately inserted his fingers. There was no chance of that. Atem cried out every time he was penetrated. It just spurred the brunet on. By the end of it the only sound that came from either of them were gasps and cries as Atem was fucked roughly against the wall.

“-tem!” Kaiba cried as he came, a rare occurrence that drew Atem’s climax that much faster. He only moaned when it hit him, too tired and overstimulated to come up with any words. His hands clawed at Kaiba’s back, drawing a few more hisses from the brunet.

“..get down,” Kaiba finally gasped a few minutes later. It was all the warning Atem got before he was practically dragged away from the wall and onto the office couch. Kaiba just gazed up at him, his blue eyes glazed over and the dark circles under them quite clear now. He didn’t even seem to care when Atem traced them with shaky fingers.

“Seto,” Atem tried to say, though he didn’t have much voice to say it with. “Stay with me.”

“Hn,” Kaiba grunted in reply. Not a yes, not a no…but all he had energy for. Those glazed over blue eyes started to close.

Atem smiled, his hand reaching up to trace through Kaiba’s bangs. It seemed to settle the brunet further even while Atem started to wiggle up so he could snuggle against Kaiba’s chest properly. It was a lot of work to get it and even more punishment to keep it, but the payoff of being in the warmest spot in Domino City was always completely worth it.
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