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Kaiba kept a technologically advanced office, as much on the cutting edge as anything else within Kaiba Corporation’s walls. His computer gleamed with a custom monitor, a self-built OS, and more memory than the normal resident of Domino City could ever even dream of. The blinds on the windows were electronically controlled, opening, closing, and darkening on the CEO’s mood. Every chair and desk was streamlined and angled in the most modern fashion existing today. And yet, in the midst of all of that, Kaiba Seto insisted on keeping an analog clock. Over the course of the hours he had spent alone in this office, Atem had grown to hate that clock.

Tick, tick, tick…Atem could practically tap the time out with his fingers. How long had it been this time? It really didn’t matter. This was their third meeting that had been interrupted. This time it was a sudden call from Pegasus. Neither of them thought that well of the man in the first place. Now he was firmly on the list for mind crushing whenever Atem got the chance. Unfortunately, all the planning and mental cursing in the world couldn’t keep his CEO from having to take that phone call. Atem was lucky he had been allowed to stay in the office at all.

He sighed again and reshuffled his cards for what had to be the fiftieth time. A duel. An argument. Something. For once he wanted to claim Kaiba’s attention like he used to when the world was at stake. They had had more time together as enemies than they ever seemed to as lovers. Just thinking about it seemed to sting. But what could he do to reclaim his brunet’s attention?

A sound near the door made him jump. Seto was finally finished? Atem’s eyes suddenly narrowed in determination. There weren’t going to be any more interruptions this afternoon. Not if he could help it.

The heavy wood door creaked open only a moment later, the CEO striding in with a frustrated look on his face as always. He didn’t even seem to notice the other man as he made a beeline to his laptop. Crimson eyes narrowed at his back.

Kaiba,” Atem growled, striding forward toward the desk.

The CEO glanced over his computer. “I did not think you would wait this long,” he said coolly. “You could have left if you wanted.”

“I waited,” Atem replied with a shake of his head. “and I will wait no longer.” Without warning, he reached across the desk and seized the brunet’s tie. Kaiba couldn’t pull back fast enough, and was yanked forward into a searing kiss.


“Be quiet. I’m tired of waiting for you,” the shorter man growled against Kaiba’s lips. “There is nothing here more important than this right now.” His hand snaked up to undo the buttons of the brunet’s dress shirt.

Kaiba hissed. “There’s…more coding I have to do,” he insisted as he tried to squirm away from those hands pulling him forward. “Two hours.”

“Two hours of what?!” Atem snapped, yanking the tie forward. “More endless numbers? I looked at what you’re working on, Kaiba Seto. A child could type in ones and zeros.”

The tie came undone in Atem’s grip. Kaiba smirked and pulled away. “A child? Your ‘people’ couldn’t even figure out the concept of zero, last I heard. It’s a little hard to code if you don’t understand what it means,” he said mockingly. Abruptly, he found himself staring up at a glaring Atem. His rival had climbed on top of his desk, pushing all his paperwork off in the process.

“One zero one zero,” Atem replied icily, before seizing Kaiba’s arms. The brunet was too stunned to react quickly enough. “There, that is your code. Give it to Pegasus later, this is more important.”

“Did you just-” Kaiba began, but was cut off as the other man’s hands curved around the side of his face and forced his head up into yet another bruising kiss.

“I’ll read out code to you all afternoon,” Atem murmured against his lips, “as long as you stay.”

Kaiba’s eyes closed and he growled into the kiss. Atem couldn’t help the smile that came to his face as he did. Even with all that had come between them…Kaiba could never hide how he felt when it came to action. The CEO was his.
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