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The massed body heat of the crushed in crowd of people standing outside Kaiba Corporation headquarters that afternoon was absolutely blissful. It was exactly what Atem had been looking for. He very quickly made his way right into the middle of the crowd and huddled in, relishing the heat that even his heavy black coat and thick red scarf couldn’t provide. Even better, thanks to his height, there was no spotting him there. The reporters were all at the front and everyone else was far too enthralled by the press event to notice the King of Games hiding among them. It was a perfect place to spy.

-and Kaiba Corporation... )


Dec. 19th, 2010 10:42 pm
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Well. Since I have no money, I can't buy you all paid accounts no matter how much I'd like to. But I do have a little bit of time now that school is over.

So. Give me some characters and a prompt (as well as a rating if you don't want to risk having smut/want PWP forever/idk) and I will try to get you a fic written before New Year's. Not a drabble, a one-shot fanfiction.

I will make every effort to get them done as soon as I can, because I love you all.
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This fic is both inspired by and a companion piece to It’s in the Look by Note Emmy. All dialogue is hers, most actions are hers. Go read it too. I wrote this on the bus ride back from the Rally for Sanity and/or Fear. Five hours, yeah. XD

A victory was a victory, no matter how small. )
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Title: Light at the Door
Author: [ profile] eternalslacker
Rating: PG
Warnings: Boy kissing.
Prompt: Yu-Gi-Oh!, Yami/Seto: loss of control - "Shut up." "Make me."
Word count: 973
Summary: The Spirit of the Millenium Puzzle goes exploring while his partner's mind sleeps. He finds a new game to play.

(The Kaiba mansion was quiet. Too quiet...)
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This was done for [ profile] ladynyoko once again, this time as part of a request on our mutual RP [ profile] salkia_island. She asked for a sequel to one of her birthday oneshots. I chose THIS one. This seemed like a logical continuation from an honest threat. XD

Things seemed to be going just Mokuba's Way )

This one's for [ profile] sorcererhuntres, and by extention, [ profile] madam_mora Seto Kaiba and Jing, King of Bandits. Hatesex. |D

Kaiba hit the floor hard )
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One more quick warning - all of these exist in our crazy little crack RPs. You probably won't get it, but that's okay. Crack is fun. :)

Like Lucarios in a Candy Shop - Pokemon (OCs) )

Not so Shy - YuGiOh(Atemu/Kaiba, Prideshipping) )
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A set of Birthday fics for my fantastic RP partner [ profile] ladynyoko!

Unbirthday - KH2 (Vexen/Demyx) )

Sunrise - ALTA (Zukaang) )
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Title: Waver
Fandom: Avatar: The Last Airbender
Pairing: Zuko/Aang
Rating: PG-13 for swearing and some off screen sex

The night in the Fire Nation turns cold, and Aang waits. His lover wavers, and Aang waits. Zuko always comes back to him in the end. )

I should be working on my grad school apps.
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Rules: Put your iPod/MP3 device/radio/illegal online streamer/computer on shuffle.
For the first five songs, write a drabble with that general theme.
You have only the length of that song to write it.

1.Everybody’s Free – Aquagen - Zuko/Aang, Avatar:TLA
“You don’t have to do marry her, you know” )

2.If you were Gay – Avenue Q - Edgeworth and Gumshoe, Phoenix Wright
“Uh, sir?” )

3.Dream On – Aerosmith - The Gaang, Avatar:TLA
Sokka had finally run out of things to talk about. )

4. Science Fiction, Double Feature – Rocky Horror Picture Show - Ken/Daisuke, Digimon
“Hey Ken, what movie are we going to go see again?” )

5. Brains! – Voltaire - Riku and Heartless!Ansem, Kingdom Hearts
“And you want me to do what, exactly?” )
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For: [ profile] themadfish
Title: I'm In
Fandom: Avatar: The Last Airbender
Pairing: Roku/Sozin
Rating: PG
Wordcount: 1,558


“Your Father’s really laying on the pressure, isn’t he?” teased Roku as he beat the Prince at Pai Sho for the fifth time. “I mean, he’s practically forcing you to go on a date with this girl by setting it up this way. I bet she’s ugly as-“he was cut off by a pai-sho tile lazily flicked at his head.

Are you kidding? )
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