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I never update this thing, do I? I've been wound up in [ profile] hogwartsishome and [ profile] entranceway which needs a Simba, or anyone from Digimon season 1 or 02 BTW!, and I've been out of school, which cuts down on my internet time. I've also been caught up in RL stuff, the biggest of which is going to keep me from LJ until July 27th at least.

Yes, I am going to China, Beijing and Shanghai specifically, with a few excursions and such in between. Yay for 13 and 16 hour plane flights, not drinking anything with ice in it, and 100 degree weather everyday. Unfortunately, China is known to block LJ, so I doubt I'll be able to get on here, not to mention my online time will probably be limited to checking my email and uploading pictures. I want to get a live blog started (probably on Journalfen), but I've been hearing that almost all blogging sites are blocked. If I can't get a blog up, I will have a written diary which will be typed into a blog when I get back.

A few of you have me on Facebook, and I will be putting up pictures there as I get them, if possible. For the rest of you, pictures will also be at the Photobucket Album Wonders_Ive_Seen if that site isn't blocked either. Yes that is from Farscape. Shut up.

But somebody's going to have to watch Lil' Bush for me, and tell me how it is. I also WILL be getting a copy of Deathly Hallows ASAP, and will be avoiding spoilers at all cost. When I get back, I'll be able to jump fully into HiH again, and I may join another RP after school starts, depending on my difficult classes. But I'm going on Hiatus on Tuesday officially, and I will miss you all. I <3s my Internetz (which will be much faster when I get back. Verizon FIOS, baby!).


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